if not, we will get you your money back.

Get 1st of the day case studies

What does it mean to finish 1st of the day?

  • Product Hunt has approximately one million unique page-views per month and around 30,000 page-views per day. The exposure is massive.
  • Ranking 1st of the day will change you from a nobody to a brand.
    You will start to see posts about you everywhere.
  • Putting the 1st of the day on your website will increase your credibility enormously.

How do we do it?

It's all about high quality upvotes. Our upvotes are coming only from high quality accounts.

  • We run multiple groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc, with thousands of people.
  • We run big newsletter accounts with a high opening rate.
  • We are connected with big accounts with a lot of points
  • We have people that are connected to our API that give automatic upvotes.
How do we do it?

I have heard about services like that. Sounds fishy.

  • We only charge for success. In case we didn't get you to the top 5, you will get your money back.
  • We don't sell up-votes. it's useless.
    100 upvotes from accounts with 0 points will affect your rank badly.
    Those are the services you will usually find online.
  • All our members are active on Product Hunt. Going between posts, commenting, and upvoting.
  • We can only promote one account per day. And sometimes it takes us time until we have points again.

How much it costs?


Free Trial




6th of the day, or downwards

Featured in the main page

Get your deposit back 


5th of the day

Featued in the main page

Massive exposure


4th of the day

Featued in the main page

Massive exposure



3rd of the day

Featured in the main page

Massive exposure



1th or 2nd of the day

Featured in the main page

Massive exposure

  • We will promote you to be 1st of the day. We will charge according to the results.
    You can't choose your place.
  • We can only promote one product per day. We take $200 in deposit to save your spot.
  • Once we start we take $1000 in deposit and refund you according to your final ranking.
  • It's worth to mention that promoted posts on ProductHunt costs between $2,800-$6000 per day.

Going from 0 to 500%

Two months before my Product Hunt launch, I had 10 members in my system.

1 month after winning 1st of the day, I have 500 members with 100 subscribers.

Worth every panny.

Nevo David @ Ceo of Linvo.io


  • When you post on Product Hunt, Product Hunt uses a special algorithm to decide if you can be in their main feed or not. Being in the main feed means your post is "Featured".
  • We can't promote posts that are not featured.
    No matter how many up-votes you have, you will not appear in the feed.
  • ** We will not refund your deposit if you end up as a standard post.
    Ensure your posting is far from your previous posting, And that your website is your primary domain, aka apple.com.